VanderLesst for Senate

David VanderLesst is a Wisconsin based politician, who ran for Wisconsin State Senate in a recall election 2011. Though he lost the election to democratic incumbent David Hansen, he remains actively involved in the Wisconsin government. His 34% of the vote in that election was a motivator for him, because even though he lost by a 2:1 margin, his message was spread far and wide considering how much more funding Hansen carried with him compared to his own campaign funds.

He’s now running for the 90th district assembly in Wisconsin, and seeks campaign donations from those who support him. State law places limits on how much a single person can donate. Individuals may donate up to $500, and married couples may donate up to $1000, but all donations over $100 must disclose the donor’s occupation. Those interested in showing support for VanderLesst’s campaign can send a donation to help him cover the costs of running the campaign.

David understands how the government can hinder progress in a number of ways, and wants to take the position to help Wisconsin keep moving forward toward growth and prosperity.

He is a Christian with strong morals and values. He is pro-life, and pro-family. He is for the development of jobs, to strengthen the economy. He is also for defending private property rights.

David VanderLesst

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