VanderLesst for Senate

David VanderLesst, born May 2, 1977, is a lifelong Wisconsin native, having lived in Northeast Wisconsin and both the east and west sides of Green Bay. He’s lived in Green Bay for the past eight years, with his eight-year-old son, James.

VanderLesst has a vast work experience, working in the: hospitality, real estate, finance, retail, and renewable energy industries. For the past four years, he has worked on developing wind and solar powered facilities across the country.

By helping the country develop reliable renewable energy sources, he’s not only working to protect the environment for future generations, but he is also creating new jobs in the industry. This allows the job market to grow, which spurs economic growth.

David’s goal is a bigger, better, and brighter Wisconsin, not only for its current residents, but for people who want to relocate to the area, and our future generations as well.

David VanderLesst

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